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Automotive Reports

Statistify Market Research

The trend towards consolidation in the automotive sector is on the rise, with the production of motor vehicles mainly in the hands of some large companies and small independent manufacturers. Meanwhile, countries such as Japan, South Korea and Western Europe, which were once the clear pioneers in the US automotive sector, are rapidly emerging as competitors. China's rapid growth in sales for ten years has taken a new turn for the adoption of new energy vehicles (NEVs).

The automotive industry is witnessing a drastic shift to unconventional and alternative fuels, and this trend is Tesla's business model. Tesla Motors' game-changing move, focusing on a clean, fossil-fuelfree future, marks a new direction for the automotive sector. Statistifymarketresearch Active Approach identifies early innovation opportunities for clients in the global automotive area. Our latest stats on the next generation of automotive technologies, such as connected cars, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), automotive emission control, hybrid, electric vehicles, autonomous cars, and augmented reality dashboards ensure that clients are at the forefront of innovation.

Our ability to provide clarity in an industry marked by increased environmental regulations, the changing landscape of emerging markets, and consumer preferences is beyond routine market research.

This vertical offers businesses with extensive market data that serve as blueprints from market sizes, revenue forecasts, value chain, market and product trends, price trends and restrictions, competitive landscape, top players, their key developments, strategy and profile.