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Statistify Market Research

Refundable Cancellation Policy

• At statistifymarketresearch, we provide the report in the electronic format. Thus, due to the format and easily transferable nature of the products to other sites, we follow a strict no refund policy that finalizes all purchases on the Website.

• Therefore, it is important to consult with us before making any questions or concerns about the product and its purchase. We do not accept refusal or refund of products after electronic delivery.

• In general Research and Markets cannot accept the cancellation of an order once it has been placed. However, there may be special circumstances when giving a refund, but this is at the discretion of the market management.

• If you need support or have any questions about a purchase you made or the extent of any reports you received, Please contact us at [email protected]

• When placing an order with statistifymarketresearch, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.